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Free yourself from preventable health risk behaviors to reach your optimal health, be more energetic, and reduce your health-related costs.

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Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center
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  • Certified Health Coach
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  • 2016 American Small Business Championship
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More About Wonder Health and Wellness

Wonder Health & Wellness provides personalized health coaching services to individuals to enhance healthy lifestyles in communities, and offers workplace wellness solutions designed to reduce healthcare costs while improving employee engagement and bottom-line growth of  businesses.

Can health coaching help me?

Health coaching can help anyone! Health coaching is simply having someone help you formulate a plan for positive change in your health and walk beside you as you utilize the plan so that your changes become life-long.

There are many reasons a person will seek out health coaching. Here are the most common reasons:

Healthy Eating 

Do you want to eat healthy, but never seem to be able to do it for longer than a few days? And what exactly should you eat? You many have heard that carbs are bad or that you should eat for your blood type. Is that true? Since Dr. Ulas is not just a health coach, but also a licensed medical doctor, the plan that she can help you develop will be based in scientific evidence and developed specifically for your nutritional needs.

Weight Management

Are you dissatisfied with your weight? Do you need to either gain weight or lose weight? Does your primary care physician tell you to lose weight but gives you no help in doing so? A certified Health Coach like Dr. Ulas can develop a plan with you to manage your weight.

Physical Activity

How is your physical activity level? You know that exercise is important, but what kind of exercise can you do with your bad knees, bad back, or other current health issues? What kind of exercise would help you best? Lifting weights? Aerobic exercise? How often do I need exercise? A plan for physical activity developed with your health coach will be tailored to your exact needs.

Stress Management

Do you feel stressed, but don’t know why? Do you know why you are stressed but need a way to manage it? Do you know that your smoking, drinking, overeating, or outbursts of anger are stress related, but you don’t know how to change? Dr. Ulas can help you pinpoint the causes of your stress and how to cope.

Medical Self-Care

We live in a time where we expect doctors and medicine can fix everything regardless of whether or not we follow instructions or take care of ourselves. But this is simply not true. It’s not only up to the doctor. It’s up to you as well! You are the one who can effect change in your life for your health.