Posted by Leandra Ginevra Andrews on 08/22/2017

Why Invest In a 90-Day Health Coaching Program?

Why Invest In a 90-Day Health Coaching Program?

I'm sure you've wondered why you would need to invest in a 90-Day Health Coaching Program.

I mean, 90 days is a long time.  And it also seems pricey, right? Well, let me show you why a 90-Day program isn't as daunting as it first may seem to you.

Actually, I meet with my clients over the phone, once a week, for 12 consecutive weeks. How often do you get one-on-one time with a coach, focusing solely on YOU? Honestly, it's something so VALUABLE because it creates a "safe space" where you can review your health challenges and get the simple answers that can change the course of your life for the better. Contrary to your worries, committing to this proven system will LIBERATE you, not trap you. is that? Let me explain.

We all have some not-so-great habits that we KNOW we should probably change. But here's the thing: KNOWING isn't really enough. Knowing doesn't mean you'll DO it.

That's where a proven system, support and accountability come into the picture (ie; a health coaching program).

When you work with a Health Coach like myself, I'll guide you very gently and gradually through habit change. It is NOT my job to judge you.  I'm here to help you get curious about how healthy you can be.  

You know that old saying, "Old Habits Die Hard." Well, it's kinda true.

But sometimes in life, you come to a point when enough is enough and you mean business. You know SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.

Your health is suffering or you've gained too much weight and you've tried and tried to clean up your act, but something always manages to pull you off track.

Let me ask you something: How much more likely are you to SHOW UP for someone else than you are for yourself?  Yeah...most of us.

As your Health Coach,  I will be there to point you in the right direction and celebrate your successes, no matter how small you may think they are. What a lot of people don't understand is that it's the LITTLE changes you make that create the BIGGEST impact on your life.

We often think that if we go as fast and as hard as possible we'll get better results. Usually, that just sets you up for failure.  In reality, the opposite is true. I like to say, "Small hinges swing BIG doors".

A 90-Day Program is a sure-fire way to meet your goals and create DRAMATIC changes in your health, your weight, your energy, your digestion and it increases the POSSIBILITIES in your LIFE.

My clients are usually very sad when their 90-Day program is almost over because they LOVE having a coaching relationship with me and they don't want it to end!  

So what are you waiting for? Let's get you started on your easy, fun journey of transformation!

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