Posted by Leandra Ginevra Andrews on 08/22/2017

So Why Am I a Health Coach Anyway?

So Why Am I a Health Coach Anyway?


Even though I'm a Health Coach now, it wasn't always this way. There was a time in my life when I experienced significant stress and emotional turmoil.

My work life was nothing but endless, demanding deadlines that left me burnt out. I also went through a difficult divorce and I felt hopeless. My health and well-being were really suffering.

I experienced chronic digestive issues, bloating, heartburn and candida. Being completely devoid of energy, I came to discover that I had adrenal fatigue. My emotions were all over the place and because I wasn't feeling well, I wasn't making the best food choices.

What I didn't realize at the time was that I was addicted to sugar and it was controlling my life.I put on thirteen pounds and I was very uncomfortable in my own skin. I definitely was not living the best version of myself that I could be.


One morning I was driving to work eating my delicious, buttery, black currant scone and sipping on my Mocha Frappuccino.
I suddenly felt something wasn't quite right.
I realized it was a sensation that I was feeling on my belly.

I looked down briefly and saw that the bottom of the steering wheel was rubbing against my stomach! I had gained 13 pounds and now my belly had expanded far enough to reach the steering wheel! I was mortified!

That was a moment I will never forget. I thought, "How did I let this happen to myself? WHO'S BODY is this? What am I doing to myself? This is NOT acceptable."  That's when I decided enough was enough. I had to make a change. I wanted my happy, slim self back and I wanted her NOW!


 Thankfully, I turned it all around. I learned all about clean eating and now I know how to keep my body relaxed, nourished and happy.

Making conscious choices in my food and lifestyle have created a positive, empowered, energetic and joyful new ME!

It's my passion and my love to help other women reclaim their health in a way that's easy, natural, sustainable and fun (no, really!)

And the best part is...they don't have to starve, diet or give up the sweetness in their life!  

Life is too short for you not to be happy. As your health coach, I'll take your hand. I'll give you the right proven system, the support and the accountability that make all the difference between staying stuck in a rut and moving into action!

This time really CAN be different for you! You haven't tried everything just yet!
Show up for yourself and I promise you will experience your best moods, your best body and your best life ever!

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